One-Click Follow for the Fediverse

Get your OpenFollow address: Enter the URL of your profile in Mastodon, Misskey, Pixelfed, Lemmy or any other Fediverse instance

What is OpenFollow

Following other people can be difficult in the Fediverse. OpenFollow tries to solve this issue with a universal URL that works for every profile.

How it works

When someone visits your OpenFollow URL, it redirect the visitor to their own Fediverse server in the exact end-point they need to follow you with just one click.

  1. Visitor goes to
  2. If they already visited OpenFollow, they will be redirected to their own server and find a button to follow your profile.
  3. If they are new, OpenFollow will ask for their server first and store in a cookie to remember it in the future.
  4. Success.

What is the goal

A permalink for any user in the fediverse that wants to have one.

In the future there should exist something like social:// for this kind of URLs, but in the meantime OpenFollow can do the work.

What is the privacy

OpenFollow does not track visitors, clicks, pageviews, or anything similar. OpenFollow does not use any kind of 3rd party analytics. OpenFollow does not share any data.

What if I do not want to be indexed

OpenFollow respects the "discoverable", "indexable" and "no index" tags and attributes. If any or those is negative will not work.

What if I switch servers

Then your will automatically redirect to

What if I change my username

Then your will automatically redirect to

What if I delete my profile

Then your will no longer work.